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“I heard about them through a friend. He was very affordable and reliable. Hanna has helped me and many of my friends when other companies tried to over sell me. He is friendly and honest, and I would highly recommend him.”

- Jeremy Leonard


“My company has used Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC for many years and would not think of using anyone else. Hanna Raffoul has always been very honest and dependable – two of the most important attributes for someone you rely on to keep systems running properly. I can endorse Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC with no reservations.”

- Jason Wadzinski


“Hanna does work at the facility where I’m employed. I see daily his work ethic and his craftsmanship so when I heard he was starting his own company I was quick to ask for his services when my A/C went out in the 90-degree heat. He made a special trip to evaluate my problem, explained what I needed, got the A/C going, and came back the following day to install the new part. He’s trustworthy, thorough, and very neat. When he leaves after the job is completed, everything is back in place and clean. I highly recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC for your heating and air conditioning needs.”

- Pat Pierce


“I had to replace both my boiler and A/C, separate units, within a 6 month period in 2011. I used a company from the phone book to replace my boiler and the whole process left a bitter taste in my mouth. They tried to pressure me into products I didn’t need, and I most likely paid a premium for my new boiler. Fortunately, I was referred by a family member to Hanna for my A/C project and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Hanna was kind, courteous, and friendly. His work quality was exquisite, and his cost was very reasonable. Without qualification, I recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC. Hanna has a lifelong customer within my household.”

- Aric Merrill


“I can attest that the Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC offers reliable cost efficient service and installation with integrity and care. Hanna is a person of high character in his business. His knowledge and effort are much needed in this business. He is the American Dream in action. He will find you a cost-effective and efficient solution. He is simply great at what he does. I have recommended him to many people in Southwest Ohio, and every one of them says thanks for recommending his firm.”

- Ron James, CPA CFP Certificant


“I hired Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC to service my Bryant furnace. He did an excellent and professional job. The work was explained to me and completed in a professional and timely manner. He did not have to chase parts; his truck was fully stocked with parts. I liked his work so much that I referred him to 3 of my neighbors. They each used Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC and were very SATISFIED with his work and PROFESSIONALISM. Their price was very fair. All my neighbors and I will use him again. Matter of fact, I am changing my furnace from a down flow to an up flow furnace and Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC is doing the work for this major work.”

- Edward Lovett


“If you choose to use Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC, you will have made the very best choice! Hannah came highly recommended to me and true to that recommendation, there isn’t any problem that he hasn’t solved. We have had some complex ones that have tested his skills, so I feel very confident that Hannah will be able to help you, honestly and skillfully, whatever your heating and air needs may be. Give him a try and find out why we are all happy customers!”

- Mary Kaye Manchur


“My A/C went out during the worst heat of the summer. From the first time I talked to him, he had the old one out and the new one installed in 2 days. Working in the evening and very early on Saturday, to make sure my family was comfortable. A true professional and class act. Would recommend him to anyone.”

- Richie Bowling


“I needed someone I could trust to do reliable, honest work and I was not disappointed. Mr. Raffoul responded quickly and worked professionally to make the needed repairs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and am very thankful I was given his name. I will use Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC in the future.”

- Anita M


“John set up my open loop heat geothermal pump. The system has worked great. I am an engineer, and I have had to explain systems to other repairmen/installers. John has a great understanding of the technology used in HVAC systems.”

- Tom


“Hanna (or John) has always provided the finest service possible and in a very timely manner. I had an emergency last Saturday – as my heat would not run and it was getting cold. So I called Hanna, and he was able to help me over the telephone without a service call. I once again have a warm house… THANK YOU Hanna!”

- Jim Snow


“Hanna was extremely knowledgeable with all the problems we have had in our office. He knew the exact problems we were facing regarding our heating and air conditioning systems. Very friendly, on time, and tried to save us money.”

- Jordan Travel Inc.


“We lost our A/C on one of the hottest days in 2011. We got Hanna’s name from a trusted friend, and he came to our home the very next day. He is a nice, very honest, hardworking man, and we would recommend him to any of our friends and family. He will not try to oversell you, and his prices are lower than the competition. He’s trying to build his American Dream and we are happy to give this testimonial!”

- Travis & Terri Hatmaker


“Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC has performed service calls at my house a few different times. One of the times with our heat out in the freezing winter and another time with our air out in the hot summer. Since we have a small child, they knew it was really important to us to get our problem fixed right away. They came out the same day and not only got everything fixed and running correctly, they went above and beyond and also checked the gas lines for leaks, our filters, cleaned the coils and also checked for carbon dioxide in the vents and through the house. They are professional, courteous, and cleaned up their work area as well as our furnace. If they ever have to order parts, they do it right away and let you know as soon as the parts are expected to be in. They are very dependable, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone that I know. The Raffoul family is wonderful and is great to deal with, they are always willing to help you take care of any heating and air issues that you may have.”

- Brittni Cox


“There’s nothing worse than having your heat fail in the winter or your A/C fail in the summer. Both have happened to us (weekends, of course), and in both cases, Hanna came right over and diagnosed and fixed the problem in the same day. He’s one of the hardest working people you will ever meet and is an absolute professional. I highly recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC to anyone out there in need of service.”

- Eric Hildebrand


“Hanna Raffoul is a true professional at everything he does. He is knowledgeable. He is an excellent troubleshooter and is not afraid to tackle anything. He is trustworthy. If he says he will be there at a scheduled time, he will be there. One of the best things about Hanna is he is very neat. You will not find a harder worker anywhere. I highly recommend this gentleman for all your heating and air conditioning needs!”

- Michael Whipp


“I am a believer in Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC. My air conditioner needed service. It was repaired quickly and efficiently. I am a SATISFIED CUSTOMER.”

- Ed Lovett


“Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC does quality work at very affordable prices. Not only are they affordable, they are professional. Hanna does excellent work, he is an honest man, he determines the problem and resolves it. I would highly recommend Hanna and his company to anyone. Thank you Hanna, for all the work you have done for us.”

- Helen Salas


“Hanna Raffoul is a true professional in the heating and air conditioning business. He handled a very ugly setup by the previous company, changed the unit to the best available situation, and listened to me the client for what my actual needs were. Hanna went the extra mile to do things correctly. He is timely, trustworthy and backs his work. I highly recommend this gentleman for all your heating and air conditioning needs!”

- Duwayne Rains


“Hanna is a professional in every sense of the word. My wife wanted to install a whole house humidifier for a few years now so this past winter I gave in and we were recommended Hanna by a friend. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work he did. Hanna’s install was quick, the humidifier works great, and the cost was reasonable. However, the real save and the primary reason I would recommend using Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC is that Hanna discovered a gas leak in my furnace that could have been a disaster for my family and I. I now know why it is suggested to get annual service done on your heating and air conditioning units. Schedule a check with Hanna today, you won’t be disappointed!”

- Richard Manchur


“Hanna saved me from a very hot house! My air conditioning went out in June. As busy as he was, he still fit me into his schedule. He was very professional, efficient, and AFFORDABLE! He was happy to answer my questions and explain what he was doing. It was clear he wants to help people out, not take them for an arm and a leg. If I ever have another problem, I will definitely call him first.”

- Dawn Kramer


“I contacted Mr. Raffoul after my company had contracted him to do work at our office. I needed a charge of freon in my AC unit. He showed up when he said he was going to, completed the task very quickly, and charged me a very fair and reasonable price for the service. I even had a chance to chat with Mr. Raffoul after the work was completed, and he’s quite personable and friendly. If you’re looking for a trustworthy HVAC technician who does great work at a fair price, I would highly recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC.”

- Karl Urban


“A true professional, honesty and integrity Hanna Raffoul. I personally would recommend this company anybody looking for HVAC contractor. Hanna, my family appreciates you and the work you did at our residence. Thank you for a job well done.”

- Kenny McCloud


“Thanks Hanna; You came highly recommended, and now you know the rest of the story. We were very satisfied with our service. Hanna is very professional and personal, he is all business and no BS. Thanks Hanna, we will recommend and use you in the future.”

- Wayne and Brenda Hershberger


“Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC is the only company I will ever use. Hanna, the owner, is a true gentleman who has honesty and integrity I have not found with other Dayton-based companies. He is extremely reliable, dependable, and reasonably priced versus anyone else I have dealt with. I will not hesitate to recommend him to everyone I know! Thanks Hanna!”

- Bob Crawford


“Hanna provided our family with personalized, detailed service on our A/C replacement. I can attest and recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC with a clear conscience. Hanna will see that that the service you ask for is the service you will get – guaranteed.”

- Mark


“Finally, I’ll be cool this summer! Big thanks to Mr. Raffoul, he really saved me a lot of money by actually fixing what the last guy didn’t even think about! I am going to use him for all my A/C & Heating needs and recommend him to anyone, business or residential. Thanks again!”

- Stephen W.


“I cannot say enough on how wonderful and how quickly Hanna had completed my NEW air unit. He completed this in the same day, even with the how hot it was. For my comfort, he stayed until I had air the same day. Hanna did such a great job in doing the installation, and made sure wires and everything down to wires etc, looked like a finely wrapped gift,with making sure there was no mess left behind. I don’t think there are enough stars to rate Hanna. I also want to thank the 2 gentlemen that help assist Hanna, they were all so very professional and worked so hard so that I could have air in the same day, and to add, my new Unit is just beautiful, and I can also save much $ since it so efficient, and quite. I highly recommend if you need a New Air Unit, you call Hanna for the job, you will be very happy with the installation, and quality of work.”

- D. LeForce


“It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this testimonial. Hanna Raffoul was a life saver for our family this summer. It was mid-July and our air had been out for the entire summer. We, unfortunately, made the mistake of having two other highly reputable companies come out to try to service our unit earlier in the season, prior to calling Hanna. The first company came out and charged several hundred dollars to diagnose the “issue.” He told us that we had two leaks, one being such a large leak that it was actually audible. He even had us convinced we were hearing it, too (we later found out what we were hearing was a normal sound). He told us he could try to fix it for approximately $1,000.00+ but he made no guarantees that it would even fix the problem or if it did that it would last. He said he could cut us a really great deal and put us into a whole new system for under $9,000.00 and that we wouldn’t have any worries after that. He said if we signed up now to have it installed the following morning, he would put the outlandish fee of his service call towards the installation. He later mentioned it would be an additional $200.00 to have the new unit installed that soon. Later that afternoon I called another company while yearning for a little piece of mind by knowing that I at least got a second opinion. They were super friendly while riding the coattail of whatever the previous company stated the “issue” was on the invoice. To save their time they jumped directly into beating the other companies price and getting us into a new unit at a price we couldn’t refuse. They offered to put us into a comparable unit for closer to $6000.00 and even called to cancel the other companies appointment scheduled for the following day. Something came up where they were unable to do the install as soon as expected so it was put off. At this point having our air out for so long had begun to take it’s toll on our refrigerator. I contacted a good friend of mine who referred me to Hanna to check out the issue with the refrigerator. We contacted Hanna late that night. He was out the next day and had our refrigerator working in no time! He offered to take a look at the issue with our air while he was out and within a day or so he had our air up and RUNNING ICE COLD AND BETTER THAN EVER! There was never a leak at all, anywhere in the entire system. The reasons our air was not working was because of a filter being jammed and our refrigerant being emptied from the outdoor unit. Hanna charged us a fraction of what the other companies did. So in the end, we regretfully paid the other companies to come out and lie to our faces and try to put us into an entirely new system that we didn’t event need. If we only would have known and called Hanna at Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC in the first place we would have saved hundreds (what nearly turned out to be THOUSANDS) of dollars and had ice cold air all summer long. It to this day amazes me to think what the other companies charged for lies vs. what Hanna charged to fix EVERYTHING QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY with HONESTY! We’re so thrilled we’ve even referred him to our Grandma. To this day we have no idea how all of the refrigerant could have been drained in the first place but we know it didn’t just leak out because there are no leaks! We are eternally grateful to Hanna for saving us from dropping close to $10,000 for absolutely nothing! Don’t make the same mistakes we did, just call Hanna and rest assured that you’ll never receive anything but the best! The honesty and business ethics at Raffoul Heating and Air are second to none!”

- Heather Alqinneh


“I have had the pleasure of using Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC for service on both furnace and air condition units four times now. I say pleasure because Hana has been great to work with, his attitude and dedication to customer service are second to none. Recently I had a breakdown of my air during the heat wave, I called Hana, he gave me his earliest possible appointment and arrived within 10 minutes of the stated time. That afternoon my Father called telling me his air failed, too, and wanted to know who to call, I told him I had a tech coming and would talk to him. Hana repaired my air and without hesitation said let's go to your Dads I will take a look. He arrived, repaired my Dads no appointment, no problem. That, folks, is customer service. I would recommend Hanna to anyone friend or family.”

- Tony Rose


“Quick to respond, reasonable pricing, and extremely professional. I am very happy with the service I received from Mr. Raffoul, will use again!”

- Brian Hucke


“I’ve had the privilege of having Hanna Raffoul install three AC/heating units in my apartments. Hanna did a wonderful job. He is very professional, dependent, and hard working. I was very pleased with the job. His prices were very competitive and he cleaned up nicely after himself. I would strongly recommend him to others for work, he cares about his customers and it shows.”

- Clyde Woodly


“Hanna recently replaced my AC/Furnace at my house. Not only was he professional, customer friendly, and prompt, his pricing was very fair/reasonable. The great thing is that I never felt that I was being upsold or getting an inferior product/service. e was very honest and up-front with what needed to be done. I wouldn’t have a problem recommending Hanna to my family/friends/co-workers.”

- Tim Ko


“I recommend Raffoul Heating & Air, LLC to all my friends! Hanna is honest, very reasonably priced, and does not oversell what is required to fix the problem, unlike every other service I had used in the past. He has been handling all our heating and air requirements for the last four years, and I would not even think about calling anyone but Hanna!”

- Bob Crawford


“Hanna got me out of a jam earlier this winter when a part on my furnace broke on a cold night. He charged me much less than his competitors quoted. Then I had him out to look at another problem a few weeks later that I have not been able to pinpoint for 10 years. He solved the problem in short order and had me up and running in no time. He came out on Sunday night, and his price was very reasonable!”

- Matt B.

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